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Whether you are selling, negotiating or leading in a national or international context: It's all about communication. HOW we communicate, WHAT we communicate and with WHICH goal we communicate.

Communication is all around us in various forms: spoken, body language, written, music, paintings, sculptures, silence, clothing styles... just to name a few.

Throuhg targeted learning methods you can improve your communication skills and that of your team members.

Improved communication competence leads to more success, better negotiation results, faster decision making, a more enjoyable atmosphere in the company, and much more.


Everything starts with a goal - however, having a specific goal does not guarantee you'll reach it.

There is a lot more to it an I can support you and your team with the right tools:

  • Analysis of the current situation and development of a customized concept for comprehensive training and coaching in order to reach your goals
  • Through experiential learning, your team will quickly be able to positively impact your business results
  • Fast implementation in day-to-day business with sustainable outcome

The key to success for a learning program in the area of sales is determined by keeping the two most imporant factors in focus. I develop customize concepts building a unit of mutual benefit for the operative goals of your company on one hand and the personal development of your sales team members on the other.



Negotiations are a constant part of our everyday life: whether choosing a restaurant with our friends for dinner, a vacation destination with our partner, or the conditions of the next deal for our company.

Not all negotiations are truely important but when the success of your business depends on your ability to negotiate, you should not leave it to chance.

Ever time are faced with diverging expectations we need to negotiate. With the right methods and imput, successful and sustainable negotiation skills can be learned and implemented - for your own success and that of your business partners.

Conflict Management

Conflicts belong to our life and occurr when different opinions collide and the parties cannot see or recognize possible solutions or opportunities for agreement.

Through targeted training and coaching you and your team can acquire the right skills for dealing with conflictual situations.

Unsolved conflicts are a cost factor for all companies. They destroy time and energy as well as the motivation of all people directly and indirectly involved. These resources are imporant and would be much more valuable if used for the success of your business rather than the conflict.

Dealing with conflicts or situations leading to conflicts is a skill that can be developed. I support you in acquiring this competence by sharing with you various methods and tools that will ensure sustainable conflict resolutions.

The focus of your resources will then again be the company's success and the developing conflicts will be solved before they break out.


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