It's a small world...

Petra in Austria, Juan in Spain, Stijn in the Netherlands, Rita in England, Roberto in Italy, Mike in the USA, Ohad in Israel, and Kim in Korea are all working virtually on a project for their German company.

Sounds crazy? Maybe...

It isn't!

Digital Transformation | Globalization | Virtualization - get ready for the future, because the future is NOW!

Making sure that your teams and team leaders can cope with these demanding situations is a key element to your international success.

I provide custom solutions to support and guide you in managing these processes.

You recognize any of these situations?

You have sent a eMail to your Spanish supplier and you've been waiting for over a week to receive an answer... still nothing.

Your sales manager responsible for Italy constantly tells you that he/she needs more than a day for the visit, as the customer always waists a lot of time with small talk before getting to the core of business.

You have an Indian partner and more often than not you're uncertain as to his/her opinion.

And your German contactor always sends very detailed reports you don't have the time to read and ask yourself what they may be good for.

Is it really like that or just a perception?

Either way these thoughts or assumptions may lead to misunderstandings, annoyances and other derailers to your relationship with these business partners.

Make sure you are leading your international business success! Don't leave it to fate and hope.

With the necessary skills and knowledge you'll develop the competence to deal cross-cultural encounters, thus maximizing the outcome of your international business efforts.

One day


day one: You decide!

And it doesn't stop here...

Leading an international business and seeing it thrive includes:

  • attracting and hiring the best and most suitable talents
  • instilling a company culture appropriate for your business environment and its expectations
  • fostering a leadership style that creates employee engagement, innovation, drive, and anything else that your business needs
  • supporting and guiding your employees in their personal and professional development

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